This is about the best day I've had in a really long time. It's more of just a freewrite kinda thing, but suggestions and critiques are indeed wanted.

We?re sitting up the back seat
And I?m throwing up confidence
As if this heart was still mine
To gamble with just one more time
And this music, this wind
It?s enough to want to get stuck
At this next stoplight
For the rest of the night
And now the pressure is on
So I?m not too good with words
But I can still beg myself for the courage
To at least take a stab
At touching your hand
I?ll close my eyes to think for awhile
While rubbing my fingers
As if expecting I?m expect my one wish
To finally come true
My heart is racing
A thousand beats per mile
And remaining steady
At least for a minute or two
Palms are drowning in my mind
But if you saw me
You?d never know
I?m playing this one off clean
And as we stepped out
Of the pumpkin
And into the road
I can?t believe it at all
But I really want to jump
Like a 9 year old boy
Seeing a new bike
Thank God for green lights