what pickups are good for a style of playing?
i know it's not all pickup, and that the amp is what gives most of the tone that you're looking for, but what pickup contributes the most to the style you want? i've read somewhere that the amp contributes to 95% of the tone, and the pickup gives the other 5%. well, what pickup contributes most of that 5% you're looking for? i don't wanna buy a pup realizing it gives off 2% less than what i expected. like what's good for hard rock, or for punk, etc.

now on to what i'm looking for. i'm looking for a versatile pickup, a bridge humbucker that's good for distortion but doesn't give off too much. enough room for experimentation. what's good? i first looked at the dimarzio fred, it looks good for experiment, but is it good in a classic rock distortion?
then i had my eyes on dimarzio super distortion, or the duncan distortion. got kinda the same question but flipped. good for distortion, but anything else? also, whats better? the dimarzio or the duncans?
well my knowledge of pups pretty much cover only EMGs, so a not too high output pup, i'd say an EMG 85, but what type of music do you play? And what amp do u have?
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