been wondering for years now how to really arrange pedals.
i have mine now at
guitar->wah->acoustic simulator-> j&h od-> hyper metal-> flanger-> chorus-> delay-> eq-> volume pedal which leads to both-> tuner(the crappy korg tuner which is not the pedal or stomp typ) and -> amp. *sorry no pics

any suggestions regarding the arrangement would be greatly appreciated.
and suppose i add a phaser, digi whammy, and compressor, where is the best arrangement for the board?

does anyone have a site that teaches these?

move the distortion to where the delay is, other than tht im sure tht will be fine.
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This is your textbook layout of effects:

Guitar -> compression -> filters (wah, high pass, etc.) -> preamps (dists, overdrives, boosts etc.) -> amp -> (effects loop send) -> modulation (chorus, flanger etc.) -> spacial effects (delays, reverbs, etc.) -> amp return.

EQs generally go in the effects loop, probably best to put it between modulation and spacial.

In your case, you're pretty much spot on. Only changes I'd make are to get the tuner out of the chain, as they suck tone a lot, maybe set it up to an a/b box, and have it first, so the readings not screwed up by your delay and such.

I'm not sure exactly how the acoustic simulator works, so you're going to have to go for what sounds best with that one. It should probably be before the modulation and spacials stage, and you'll have your dists off, so it really shouldn't matter too much.

With the pedals you're going to add, compression should be at the very start of the chain for maximun impact, phaser should be next to your flanger, as they're very similiar, and for whammy, I've forgotten where pitch effects go (as I don't use them), so just go where it sounds good.
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Without an effects loop, they should run like so:
Guitar -> Tuner -> Wah & Phaser (order doesn't really make a difference here) -> Compressor -> J&H OD -> Hyper Metal -> EQ -> Acoustic sim. (?) -> Whammy -> Flanger -> Chorus -> Volume -> Delay -> Amp

With an effects loop:
Guitar -> Tuner -> Wah & Phaser -> Compressor -> J&H OD -> Hyper Metal -> Amp -> FX loop send -> EQ -> Acoustic sim. (?) -> Whammy -> Flanger -> Chorus -> Volume -> Delay -> FX Loop Return

I've never really dealt with an acoustic simulator in an effects chain, so my placement of that may be off, everything else should be correct though.
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not being being funny but what are you saying. the guy was right you should always have a distortion before things such as delay as it's sounds better to add delay onto distortion rather than to disort an already "delayed" signal as it will sound much cleaner and won't be so muddied