Erm...I am looking for a wah wah as I am getting into long solos...

Which one should I go for ?
morley tremonti power wah
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All depends on what sort of wah sound your looking for i.e vintage, modern....
What sort of music will you be using it for?

Edit: If you want a modern sounding wah pedal the tremonti wah is awesome.
For the last time people:

Dude I just bought an original Crybaby. Best investment I ever made.

And shutup Anty 7, the guys just looking for advice.
Yeah. But the original CB95. not any of the newer ones. It has such a smooth sound to it. Awesome pedal.
Cool, I was thinking about getting that one...apparently hum sized pickups dont really work with Wah Wah
I disagree dude. Ive got humbuckers in my axe, and it works fine. You should seriously look into those Crybabys man. Theyre awesome and surprisingly affordably.

Well theres my two cents.
Cool...Yeah...my Aria CS Custom I don't think works with Wah Wah...because I've tried but my LAG Jet does so yeah...YAY
the 95 is nice but i have heard many stories of them braking down on you. I suggest the Dunlop 535Q Crybaby amazing one of the best wahs that dunlop makes
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ibanez weeping demon is a pretty versatile wah, i've found it basically does all i ask it to
but the best advice i can give you is just go to a shop and try some out
definitely try out all the usual wahs like the crybaby, weeping demon, morley wah, vox wah's etc and see what you like, because although wah pedals are all supposed to give you a similar type of sound, some of the output are very different and gives you a very different type of tone, for example, vox really boosts the mid's
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really the best thing to do is just try a load out and get used to compairing the sweep of various wah's.....i tend to use my vox V847..its built like a tank and sounds amazing, unmatchable, plus you can use it for soo many different types of music