I'm having quite a bit of trouble with this.

Let me first explain my experience with guitar. I got one about 6 years ago, I've messed around with it occasionaly and learned parts of songs until a month ago when I started lessons.

Since then, I've gotten a good deal better at changing between chords, I can learn note riffs pretty quickly as long as they aren't too complex.

I'm working on bouncing the bass notes, roots notes of chords and then strumming the chord and switching to another chord and picking that bass note and then strumming again. Now, when I practice, I find the speed I can do it with almost 100% accuracy and do it until I think that I'm going to vomit. Then I set the guitar down, walk away for an hour, stretch my hands, and come back to it. I've been working on this for a few days solid and I'm still having a lot of trouble just hitting one string.

I also have trouble picking notes if they're not on consecutive strings, i.e. A string to B string.

What specific exercises can I work on to improve my ability in this area? I've practiced the hell out of;- and still do, the 1234, 1234 up and down the neck.

I'm trying to play stuff like this:

|----000---------00------------0 etc...

And that's a decemberists song, but not exactly.
Heh, I suppose you could say that is what I'm working on. I listen to rock; from the Stones to Steppenwolf to Thursday to Every Time I die and I listen to blues, Freddie King, Muddy, Clarence Brown, Omar and the Howlers, and folk.

One of my favorites is Jackie Greene, a not so well known singer-songwriter and amazing musician from Cali. He plays every American genre, folk, blues, jazz, and rock. I guess you could qualify a lot of the folk as country, but I don't really dig the $600 cowboy hat kind of country.

Could you clarify a couple specific songs? I'm always more than willing to try and learn more stuff.

EDIT: I am working on a song my guitar teacher gave me, 'Dance, Dance, Dance' by the Steve Miller Band. It's bluegrass/country.