My guitar is a Fender acoustic with and orange/gold ashwood front to it and a mohogany back. Its not a dreadnot but a concert style. It cost me 267.50. Is it anygood? It sounds just fine I just want to know if its gonna fall apart in a couple years.
basically if you like the way it sounds then it is a good guitar for you. whether or not it's going to fall apart in a few years depends on alot of things (i.e. how you treat it, the climate where you live).
I've got a Fender acoustic. Sounds marvellous, but not the greatest I've heard... probably due to it being laminated, not solid top. It's more of a beater guitar than anything, It's really sturdy and can take a bit of a knocking, so you're fine there mate.
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ive got one that is very similar to what your talkin about and ive had it for 3 years and it has stayed together pretty well