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Just wanted to see if anyone in the UK has purchased a guitar from Rondo Music. The Agile selection of guitars they sell are very cheap and get great reviews. They have said it will cost $65 to ship to the UK which if the guitars are as good as the reviews I have seen of them are true is a great price still.

so just wondering if anyone has gone for this?

I'll admit straight away that I haven't, but I have imported a few things in from Europe (thomann.de) and it was absolutely fine, if they say they ship overseas, I'd say it will be okay. There's no other complications with a guitar either, but you'd have to be wary that if you were buying something that you needed to plug into he mains, you'd probably end up with the wrong plug
It would be worth it.

But word of advice - buy a case for it so it can be shipped in the case and kept safe. One of the conditions Rondo have for shipping to Europe is that shipping insurance will only cover LOSS of the package, not DAMAGE. There have been cases of Agiles arriving in the US with shipping damage (having been shipped in the regular shipping carton, not in a case), but those are easily returned. That's not an option for Europe. Seeing as how UPS like to use packages as sledgehammers, soccer balls, beds, etc during the shipping process, it would be wise to get a case to keep your axe safe on its journey.
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I have!! But my guitar came and the pots didn't work, tuners knocked out of place and chips in the paint. It was nothing a professional can't fix though, it was cheap to. IMO it is well worth it, but maybe buy a case with it so it doesn't get damaged that much. I haven't regretted it and it is a real steal for the price.
I'm about to order a 2800 from rondo to the UK, today or tomorrow in fact. Kurt told me $75, but you also have to take into account VAT and customs, which adds up to about £40 for postage and 20.5% of the cost of the guitar more. For me I'm paying £235 for a £165 guitar. And thats without a case! He's sending it FedEx though, not UPS, and they tend to be better at handling stuff. I may have to ask for it to be more specially packaged.
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