is that a good price for an used marshall avt 100?..i know they arent the best amp around.. but i have exactly 300$ and i cant think of anything better at that price range..
so any advice?
Just because it's a good deal doesn't necessarilly make it a good amp.

If you can, save up a bit more until you can afford a decent used valve combo.

But if you can't save, what sounds are you looking for in an amp?
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I just bought a Marshall AVT100 for $630 new, so yes, that is a very good deal, especially if the amp is in good condition. I agree with the above poster, though, there are better amps. If you're looking for a nice amp to jam/gig with, the AVT is great. Play it and see if you like it. Even if you upgrade to something better later, $300 is a steal.
For $300, that's a good amp. It certainly wouldn't be my choice, but if it's in good cosmetic and working condition, you could easily sell it for the same price or more later if you want something better.
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ok im looking for a good tube amp at least 40 watt.. and it has to be 50 pounds or less.
it must be good for rock and other music. thx guyS!
The AVT is amazing for rock, classic or hard. It's scoop buttons allow for a more modern tone or an oldschool sound. It's exactly 50lbs I think, though I heard the AVT100X is lighter. It's 100 watts.
i agree with crunch- it's almost worth buying to sell on for a profit, if you're into that kind of thing (e.g. I'm a lazy bastard and couldn't be annoyed with it to make $100, but you might...)
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