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The Review: The Mountain Announces- Scatter

Before I bought this album, I read the one and only review on the site. It said it was completely different to anything the buyer had ever bought before and was a great album to find.
On first listening it sounded very folky with a lot of mixed progression between instruments and voice. It seems to really drag the 46.9 minutes of listening out of you but leaves you with a feeling of experience. The tracks seem to teach you something new in an eerie and unnerving manor and really set a mood for the day with it.

If my life was written in music, the first track would describe waking up. It?s a struggle of a start and really makes me work to listen to it. This then links to the title of it, ?Oh Death?, which I think fits it perfectly. It works me up to then settle me down into the next song. This next song, titled ?She Moves Through The Fair?, once again starts with some progressive drum whispering and various other instruments groaning together in a mourning fashion, but unlike the previous track; this one has words of some sort. Whether it?s a different language the ghostly woman speaks; I don?t know, but I can feel what she says. It sounds quite Scottish especially with what seems to be a bagpipe grieving in the background. It?s like she tears her way through the air with her words like tiny knives burying themselves into my back. The end of the track comes with relief to me, but again leaves me with another experience.

The next track is probably my favourite of them all, with the main singer, described as ?a crazy Scottish singer mixed between Bjork and Johanna Newson?, spilling out his witty lyrics continually for 5:45. The Scottish accent is great for the track too, it adds to the Celtic feel of it all. The ending is probably the best part of the song [not meant in a snide way] because of the way the war march, that is the song, silences and is left with the Scottish man firing his words at me through some sort of machine gun mouth. With lyrics such as these you can?t help but smile,

?Out like a bat
Like a wok
Like a dog.

That?s not a dog; it?s a man in a dog?s hat.?

There?s no point reviewing track by track, because I?ve already learnt that this CD is what you want it to be. It all becomes one big experience, but what you make of each separate song is debatable. If you want something quirky, different to most things and quite a strong listen, buy this. If you don?t, then don't.
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