Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony........ with upgraded pickups--- Gibson 57' classic plus in the bridge and a Gibson Burstbucker pro in the neck......... how much do you thinik i could get?
500-600 Usd
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Hm, that guitar new is $380.

I don't think anyone's gonna care much about upgraded pickups in the guitar.
Anyone doing thier homework will look to see what they can get a new one for.

$300 tops to anyone that's researched the guitar. You may get lucky and get
more from someone who doesn't know any better.
well i wasnt sayin i wanted to sell it i just was wondering cause i really want a Gibson now for some reason............ do you think that my guitar is close ot gibson since it has high end gibson pick ups in it??? do you think i have a good guitar now???
I'm sure your Epi guitar is just fine. As long as the neck is straight, it holds it's
tuning and you're comfortable with it. A Gibson isn't going to give you any magical
abilities and the tone difference isn't going to be huge. Especially if you use any
kind of distortion.
^ Yeh wat Ed said.

You wont get more than 260$ for it probably..
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