Hey ive been thinking about buy a Bill Lawrence L500XL because dimebag is my favorite guitarist and I want his kick ass killer tone. But im not putting it in a dean im putting it in a B.C. Rich (this may sound stupid but) would it sound different because of the ****ty wood my guitar is made out of?

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Well, if your BC Rich is anything less than an NJ series, it's made of agathis and that's not a good match for the L500XL, which excels in mahogany. And if your BC Rich is either a Brinze or Sig series, I'd say it's not even really worthwhile installing new pickups.

Nevermind. Just saw your sig and it's a Bronze. Not worth it at all IMO.
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Totally not worth it man, just spend a few hundred on a better guitar with good pickups. It'd be the best way to spend your money.
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