Okay, so i have a berhigner V-Amp, a multi effects processor pedal, and i like it..if anyone else has one...how do you use the tremolo efect properly, its hard for me to adjust it...i want to get the tremolo effects like in the song "Take Me Back - Story of the Year", the starting where theres a tremolo in there, is that possible?

Also, about pedal boards...i want to buy one, but at would be a good suggestion, and what are some good pedals to have?

What brand makes the best cry baby and wah wah?

My last question is regarding guitar stands...i want one that will keep the guitar roughly at 140-160 degree angle, like yngwie(sp) Malestram(sp?) does when he has that acoustic solo on stage...to see waht im talking about..www.video.google.com, and type in "Zack Kim" and you will see the guitar on the stand, are those out for sale, or do they have to be made at home?