Hello, been a while since i posted anything. After posting a text a week ago on the lyrics section of the UG forum, i decided to write some music to it, and here is the result with me singing (i usualy dont sing... we have a realy good female vocalist in our band who is way waaaaaay better then me, she's gonna sing the song, but this is just to let you get the general idea hehe ).

Lyrics (l&s forum):


Awesome guitar work - I really like the progression and it is played very well. For the most part the vocals were very good, but some times your words sort of meshed into each other, work on articulation. Also, one thing I noticed, at one point a little past the half-way point, in an instrumental section, when you were playing arpeggios, the same open string rang in a lot of the chords in a row, maybe change this around a little. Overall, I really liked it, and the instrumental sections went well with the vocal sections.

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Tnx for the crit, ill be sure to crit yours shortly... i am now mixing it and it already sounds so mutch better, wish ive done it before posting, im also adding a second guitar line, to make it somewhat more melodic during the singing parts (gets kinda monotome here and there imo).
Ima crit this as i listen to it, well if the im loving guitar, the vocals at the begining are nice, singer has a nice voice for the song, i like the verses, the guitar blends well with the singing, and the chorus's are beautiful, the bridge after what i belive is the second chorus is nice i like it ut as stated above me it could use some work. i like the ending chords alot too. Overall i think its great. but the quality is poor (the only really bad thing about it) so I'll give it a 8.5/10
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