You can get 2 higher notes with 24 frets. 24 - 22 = 2
As for the guitar question, don't know bud.
Nah, you're good. Not many people use the extra 2 frets anyway, I do, but I know it goes to waste on a lot of kids.
i perfer to just simply have the two extra frets....more playablity...i mean if you just dont have the frets and need then your outta luck

but the 22 fret guitar are homonically sound....both pickups are right under a natural harmonic maing them shine a but more.....but its a very little difference
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instead of getting the viper 400, you might wanna try the viper 500. it has a string thru body rather than a stoptail and has better sustain. plus, they go for i tihnk the exact same price.
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but the 22 fret guitar are homonically sound....both pickups are right under a natural harmonic maing them shine a but more.....but its a very little difference

Actually with 22 fret guitars the neck pickup falls right under a harmonic area (node i've heard it called) and many frequencies get cancelled out. That's why Les Pauls etc neck pickup = muddy.
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I dont really know...The 12th fret is the octive and so 12 +12 is 24 that might be why so there will be two octives...
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Personally, I hate the look of the finish on the 500 series since it is too flat for me and the fact that the 30 symbol on the 12th fret is the only inlay is gay. Get the Viper 400 since it will have much better upper fret access then the EX.
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what genre of music do you play? have you tried either models?

I'm not good with my genre but i mostly play pop punk rock,Alittle of X japan and metellica,guns n roses,AX7.

I haven't tried either model.i'm thinking of getting either of those two because both look to have easy upper fret access.
Actually, the EX series don't have too good upper fret access, I think. Don't know about the Viper.
Out of those, I'd get the Viper. I always loved the looks, and looking to the specs it seems like a great guitar. I'd rather it over a SG any day of the week.
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go with the viper, it has better upper fret access, better playability, and better looks (imo) besides you'll never know when you'll need those two extra frets
Yea I agree. I was actually going to purchse a viper as well. As well for the 400 or 500 idea, stick with your first idea. The 400 you will get a better kick out of than the 500.. and yea the finish is probably worth it.
Solution: get a 22-fret guitar and if you need the second octave, bend.
Ideally for what youplay I'd suggest a fat strat, but the LTD 400 is a very nice guitar, but I only played stuff like BLS and Machine Head on it, I didn't try it for softer songs.