Ok im replacing my jackson slsmg soloist, just not happy with it, and i will only have about 600 left over after i pay off some **** with the money i get with the trade in value, which of these is a all around better guitar:



im leading more towards the godin, any adivce is greatly appriciated, thanks
The Schecter link just leads me to the Schecter website...what model are you looking into? The Godin strat copy shape looks pretty nice...
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well as redaxe said the schecter link just leads to the website so i didn't get to see that one but the godin looks pretty nice so I'd go with that one
yeah which shecter guitar are you looking at? the godin guitar(the non strat looking one)is actually a really nice guitar in feel and sound my friend has one and i like it, but which shecter are you looking at?
dont get that schecter.
the floyd sucks
you said youll have $600... is a fr a necessity?

cause if not...

that plays very well
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That Godin is one hell of a guitar, You should strongly concider it over the Schecter.
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