looking for a pickup combination for the likes of pantera, metallica, slayer, mudvayne, korn, bridge needs to have excellent distortion for the heavy metal, and the neck preferably good cleans and good for soloing. What combination of emg's or bareknuckles would be best? This is going into a mahogany bodied schecter and probably either a peavey tube combo or possibly some sort of mesa tube head w/ cab. budget around 300 USD.
IMO, you cant afford Bareknuckles at that price, and EMGs arent that great.

Well, tell me exactly what you find wrong with the JB/59 combo?
Yeah, try upgrading the amp first, it'll be easier to spot the issues, and sometimes they may just dissappear alltogether.
There is nothing wrong with EMGs. The cleans arent the best but they are bearable.
Try and play a guitar with them and see if you like emgs.
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EMGs have great cleans! 60 in the neck and 81 in the bridge is a kickass combo. 60 has a really clear clean, with lots of low end, and just enough mids. And distorted it's very smooth, kind of that like Petrucci neck pickup shredding thing going on, except more clarity than you'd find with most passives. 81 is used by many metal players because of it's tone. Lots of treble, almost "scooped" mids, and a defined, punchy low end.

I'd get EMGs, I love their tone, and they're good for everything. I mean bareknuckles are like boutique pickups but I doubt you could afford them, after currency conversions and what not, not to mention shipping.
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try a pole piece adjustment on ur JB, i found that helped when i did it on my friends

and you cant tell the true characteristics of a pickup unless you have a good amp
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try a pole piece adjustment on ur JB, i found that helped when i did it on my friends

Do what he said... That's what I did with mine and it sounds amazingly better. It will get you that heavy sound you're looking for. You're looking for a heavier sound right?