My Mate gave me his bass, it's pretty basic, his first one (not a good make), to tune up, but when i was doing the 3rd string the tuning peg just goes heavy and won't turn anymore but it can still go back, IT'S REALLY PISSIN ME OFF COS I KNOW IT'S SOME SMALL PROBLEM! Anyone got any ideas?
Yea, stop turning it before it snaps? Wtf are you trying to do? Tuning it up until it sounds like a guitar?

It's called string tension buddy.
um, check the string wrapped around the peg, it may be obstructed, or maybe the string wont stretch anymore, dont care, ur problem
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1. The strings still loose when it stops
2. He's learning Bass, I play with 6 strings, IM TUNING IT FOR HIM
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He's tuning it for his friend, you didn't-fucking-read-the-first-post freak.

Perhaps try re-stringing it with a fresh set of strings?
Try wrapping the string around the post the other way.

Or take the string out of the post, turn the tuner, and see if the post actually turns. The gears may just be worn to ****.
I'd say too much string tension.
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I'd say too much string tension.

Well, he said that the string is still loose when it stops. I think it might be the tuning pegs.
Maybe he thinks the string is too loose since he's used to a normal electric, and he's trying to tune it an octave too high...?
I was kinda having the same problem restringing my electric, but i just kept tuning down a little and stretching it and trying again. I ended up just keeping it in E flat worried they would break
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There are screws inbetween the tuners, loosen them a bit and try again.

The post might be obstructed too.