yeah so which one is better??
Epiphone vintage g-400, schecter omen 6 or epiphone b-stock lp standard
the omen 6

is by far the best made

only downside is the bolt on neck. other than that, it uberly pwns epiphones. cept elitists
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^Yeah thats a good choice^, but theres nothing wrong with epiphones either, Set necks, pretty good pickups, nice finsh's If you got a G-400 get a standerd or ventage, those are best epi sg's, but its all up to you,
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the b-stock epi standard is probably "better" depends on what was wrong with it.
guess it was returned? not sure.

the vintage sgs are ok, i dont think they wear well. finish wise.

plus for either u have to be weary of the typically unreliable epi switch, minor electronics.
(not a huge problem, overall they are good guitars.)

But, if u like the look of the schecter, that should be ur choice. for the money, its the best guitar of the bunch.

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yeah the schecter would surely be nice
with a pickup change it would be even nicer!
I wouldn't get a B-stock (I assume you're gonna get this online) because who knows what's wrong with it...

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^yeah^ thanks for the complement by the way,

back to the Topic Yeah Be careful with B-Stock items, you never know why they where returned,
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try a lp standard plain top
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I'd say the Omen 6 if you like it...

And I agree. Steer clear of B-stocks. This salesperson was trying to sell me a b-stock LP standard. He said that there was just a small paint smudge on the binding on the treble side of the neck.

In actuallity, the whole binding job on the guitar was messed up. Horribly crooked, smudges, paint drops...It was just horribly done. That's why it was B-stock. Normal Epi LP Standards don't have problems like that.

Also, B-stock LP Standards are I believe $420 - For that price you can get an Epi LP Plain Top. It would probably be as good or better than the Omen 6. Check it out as well as the others. Try them all and pick the one that you like best.

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