im playin on a fender squire cheap thing and wanting to get another bass... i've got a friend with a few washburns and i think they are very nice... but since im a newb i think i should ask a few questions...

Im lookin for a 5 string b/c i think it will be easier to play so i can rest my thumb on the B... anyway, can anyone tell me the difference between the T25 and the Force 5? what are the differences in the pickups? anything else u wanna add is fine... thanks
yh, just get a 4 string if your not actually gonna use the 5th. its like buying a pair of trousers with three legs just so u could rest ur **** in the third...comfortable but pointless and stupid. as for the rest of the question, i have no idea. :-)

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not a good idea to buy a 5 just to rest your thumb, oh no

they make a little plastic piece you can put on your bass to rest yyour thumb on. thast a lot cheaper.
If u do end up gettin a washburn you should get a neck thru model because they are a lot more stable than a bolt on neck. The only disadvantage is that if u break the neck ur gonna b replacing a bass. But you would have 2 b an idiot 2 break the neck on a bass, that or drunk as hell.
alright so i'll stick with a 4 string.. can any look at the 2 basses and show me the differences? i think they may use different pickups, which i would like some insight on b/c i know NOTHING about pickups...

T24 vs the Force 4 now