Hey everybody. This is my first thread so please be gentle.

I'm learning a piece in CGDGBD tuning right now, and I just wondered if anyone knows any other good songs or instrumentals in the same tuning. I like the way it sounds a bit more complex than some other open tunings, and of course it would be great to have something else to play without having to retune all the time.

i *think* bron-y-aur stomp is, but i'm not 100% sure
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Sevendust uses that tuning in almost all of their songs. They do have some acoustic stuff so I'm not totally off my rocker here. Although I have been up all night at work..............
I think some of Michael Hedge's stuff uses that tuneing. Look some of his tabs up, there all good.
I have played in this quite a lot, and my guitar has been tuned to that for the past couple of weeks.

I have been playing a progression of G - am - em with the following fingerings:

G: 7-7-9-0-0-0
am: 9-9-10-0-0-0
em: 4-4-5-0-0-0

You can add stuff where the open strings are as well. The harmonics at 12 and 7 sound really nice, especially between chords.
This is thread is over a year old, man...
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