Had another day off of work today so I recorded another song... I can't think of a name for it but I think it may be one of my favorites i've made.
Click On "Untitled"

Any input on what to change on it is always welcome. And if one of you could come up with a good name for it i'd like that also. Thanks.
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The Rain And Snow

We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.
Could do with a vocal line...

but on it's own, it's a catchy tune, reminds me of franz ferdinand for some reason. Yeah, it's quite summery - kind see any faults with the playing or composition. I like it when the distortion kicks in at 2:15, that's a good touch.

Really needs vocals and it'll be amazing!

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Oooh...I like it. I like the whole feel, and it sounds like a great track that would be better with vocals...I don't like the little guitar line that's hovering around at about one minute in...and the transition to distortion is a little sudden, but i really, really like this.

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im sure you know it would be a lot better with vocals. but i like the whole indie feel you got going. almost jazzy/bluesy type of feel. i like it.
I thought it was a good listen. I think the lead needs to come up a bit or something. I didnt even realize there was a little lead until I turned it up a bit. but im at work and dont have the luxury up cranking it up. I agree its ready for some vocals.

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