what exactly is the significance of learning scales? I haven't learned any but if i should which scales do u reccomend
All of them. Literally. Start with major scales, then minor scales, and then whichever ones you fancy.
scales are just a bunch of notes that sound good together and with different scales you get different sounding soloing. eg: major = happy and minor = sad. start with pentatonic id say.
start with pentatonic scale

then from there go to minor and major scales
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start with pentatonic scale

then from there go to minor and major scales

petatonic is just a 5 note scale, very easy to learn, its used for rock and roll, metal, blues, funk, anything u want basicly
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Learning scales helps you improvise on a lot of things instead of having to guess where to go. Though dont be limited to one scale, you can use chromatics to shift from minors to majors, switch keys, go from blues to minor and back again ect.
The main ones would be to learn the major scale, pentatonic and blues(very similar to pentatonic)
Major and minor scales are acutally the same pattern, just started in a different position...ie the g major scale is the same as an e minor scale just the starting root note is different. Im poor at explaining it but hope that helps you
^still learn the minor scales. and what you want to eventually be able to do is play each scale in all neck positions. in other words, be able to play notes from a certain scale no matter where you are on the fretboard--this is where modes and pentatonic boxes come in. that's pretty advanced for right now though, so just worry about getting down the basics: major scale, minor scale, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, and blues pentatonic. the last three are almost all the same, just in diff positions or with one note different. then learn how to use them, i.e., a C major scale or a C major pentatonic works well over a song in the key of C major. The blues scale can work in rock songs that are in major keys (even though it's a minor scale).
Scales are a group of notes that sound a certain way together (happy, sad, etc).

They can be used to improvise... more or less playing over the top of chords/backing, but in a scale, which will help you get the type of sound you want.

You should learn box shape scales (such as the major and minor pentatonic, major and minor scales). These are scales that you can 'move' around the neck to change the key: Say you want a G Minor Pentatonic scale, you would play from the low G (Third fret, 6th string) and go across the fretboard like this:


and you could then change to a A Minor Pentatonic:


These are just easier to use to start off with. You can then practice on extended scales that go all over the neck.
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