Hey there, alright so i've been playing guitar for a year and a few months now...i can play about 10 full songs, and a bunch of half songs or certain riffs from other songs...i don't really know much music theory...i know a lot of chords and some minor pentatonic scales....and i have a guitar teacher. What should i learn at this point in my playing ?


Oh yeah, and i'm into stuff like megadeth, iron maiden, metallica, hendrix, black sabbath , zeppelin , rush etc...
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Well you could start doing some basic modes like lydian and/or mixolydian and what type of music are you into that you can play?
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I would get your teacher to help you learn the particular style you want to play, but still play other styles, because being able to play a bunch of different crap will make you a more respected musician.
whatever you learn, dont rush anything. Some subjects in music theory may seem unimportant to you now, but it will only benefit you in future.

take everything one step at a time, like if you decide to learn about modes. Study EVERYTHING about modes till you know every detail about them and can answer any question on modes.

How do i use modes?
where do they come from?
how do other scales relate to the modes? etc.