it has been a while since i've made a stupid thread, so i decided it is time...

anyways, i've been watchin nealy every game of the world cup and seem to root for the team with the better metal. for instance, right now i'm watchin switzerland vs ukraine and i'm havin a hell of a time deciding because both DRUDKH and DARKSPACE and 2 of my favorite bands.

too bad sweden is out.........anyone else apply metal to everyday situations or the world cup?
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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nice dude
ive actually had more fun than a thought i would watching soccer
its pretty cool
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Not really. I'm glad sweden's out. Now we can just get the hell on with our bloody lives. WHole country ceases up during our games ffs.
Germany will win. Everybody says south americans but I think they have not watched Germany lately, anyways soccer pwns with or without metal. BUT metal pwns more than soccer so don't kill me please, I have three hamsters who need me..