Yeah so, I have the worst recording setup in the world, I don;'t even know what genre this song would be but I made it anyways. Recorded it with my crappy stuff, Oh well.


Death Is To Light it's called. Listen to it and say what you think of it. I was actually looking for a guitarist to do the guitar for it, that actually has a recording setup. I might have found one but I'm not sure yet. Tell me what you think of it.

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The guitar is really muddy, but you said that you have a bad setup so there's nothing you could really do about that. I would turn up the lead guitar more, you can barely hear it in parts. As a song, its a bit repetitive, but I think you have some good ideas throughout it that you could work on and expand.

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the guitar sounds awful. i can think of what sound you're wanting but it aint possible on that setup. guitar doesnt sound very in tune. some of it sounds like james bond after the starting bit.
get better setup then try recording. its unbearable

playing wise you do have some good ideas you can work on though it just lacks any decent tone