Not sure where to post this, so I'm posting it here. Anyways yeah I have a Schecter C1-elite guitar and I was just jamming out and then all of a sudden it started making this high-pitched whinning noise. I thought it was my cords so I plugged in a different guitar to make sure and that one plays fine (BC Rich Bich.) So I'm not sure what the **** in going on. Can anyone help me?
Did your guitar get overheated at any point in time?
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No I had only been playing it for like 5 mins. Its never gotten overheated since I've owned it.
If it's new and it still has its warranty contact Schecter guitars, they are awesome, about stuff like this and stand behind their stuff.
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Yeah its not new though. I don't have a warranty. I've noticed that input jack on the guitar is kinda loose. Maybe its gotten twisted up or something? How can I tell?
It's called feedback. it happens, it's no big deal, just turn your amp down.
Ok I've been playing guitar for 7 to 8 years now I know what feedback is bro. Its a high-pitched whinning noise that doesn't go away no matter what I do. I can switch to the clean channel and it still makes the noise which means it ISN'T FEEDBACK.
Even if you touch the strings? I've gotten clean feedback before.

No need to get all pissy, with a stupid-ass username like yours I assumed you were a noob.
This isn't my username. Its my buddies, I'm on his computer. My username is "Preszombie." I've been a member of this place since like 2003. I just don't feel like signing in and all that shiz. Anyways yeah the buzzing noise is present regardless of what I do. The only way to stop it is to turn off my amp. But when I switched guitars and turned the amp back on it didn't make the noise anymore. Go back to the Schecter and it does it again. So I don't know what the crap is causing it. My only guess would be that the input jack is all messed up or something because it was loose as crap, but I know better than to try and tighten it because it will only twist the wires.
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Did your guitar get overheated at any point in time?

Impossible, the guitar doesn't provide or harbor any AC current.

It sounds to me like a loose ground wire in the guitar - Are notes and such still audible when played?
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Yes you can still hear what I'm playing, but the noise doesn't go away. It doesn't get louder really it just stays the same.
might be the cable
might be the wiring inside your guitar, as said above

so I'd try a different cable first (if you're at your friend's house, use his or something ) if that doesn't change anything, bring it to a shop!
unscrew the output jack if you can on one of those or just take a look inside and make sure it isn't all screwed up. I had that happen before and my output jack was in like 4 peices and all tore up. Spent like 4$ on a new one and sodered the wires back together and it was fixed
Ok I checked the wiring and the input jack on the guitar is loose but it isn't all screwed up. Its just loose. Nothing looks out of place or weird. I'm not a guitar tech or anything so I'm not too sure on what to look for though.