My goal was simply to write something in which each line contained alliteration involving the corresponding letter of the alphabet.

Administer the Agony
Before the Blood
Condemns the Course
Death Deludes
the Enemies
Forsaken Foes
Go Gravely forth
Hapless as a Harbinger
Insanity Is Imminent
Jest not Joker
Kill the Kinfolk
silent Lambs Lament...

sound clip deleted*
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Very weird, but really cool. Sounds good, if short.

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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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I dont sing. Im trying to learn... I just play guitar, thanks for the comments. Ill check yours out for sure.
Nice...kinda weird, but the alliteration by itself works wonders good job.

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just to clarify, is it the singing (lack of singing..) or lyrics themselves that are weird haha
lol the sound clip is gone but it does sound like an interesting idea that ive not heard of before.....
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