im currently learning how to play guitar, i have a ****ty starcaster (strat knockoff) and im looking for a better guitar

heres what im lookin at:

-epi G400
-esp MH-50

and maybe an epi LP.

i play basicly like blink 182, i like a lot of metal so ill probly play that, and some rock stuff.

if i got a g400 or a LP i could replace the pickups and it would make it sound better right?
DON'T get the ESP
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If you like sg's the g400 isn't a bad guitar, but i personally wouldn't go for that esp because it's made of pretty low grade wood. As far as the epi LP don't get a model lower than the LP standard because below that they aren't too good. You could also try an ibanez RG321mh if you like thin necks. It's ideal for a beginner guitarist because of it's no hassle bridge, but will also serve you as an intermediate guitarist because of the quality of wood it's made of. The ibanez is also pretty cheap so you could change the pickups.
yes esp bottom models are made of agathis= solid barf
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as of now, i have a ****ty fender frontman 15r. im not looking into amps yet, but if i did i'd probly purchase the roland cube 30, or the VOX AD30VT 30W.

ill check into that ibanez