Okay, here's the full version, with all verses and bridge recorded, two (count 'em!) guitar solos, and lots of fun and slightly off-key backing vocals.

I'm aware there are some clipping issues in the bridge.

I'm also aware that the second solo is a little weird...it was recorded over the chords forward and then reversed, so some notes don't quite match up.

The first solo was improvised.

If anyone's interested, it was done in audacity through a logitech webcam microphone with a 1971 Guild acoustic and a Fender Mexican Strat with a $49 crate practice amp.


Crit for crit?
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Honestly, I liked it. Up until the "epic" part. I think it would be a pretty cool just laid back folk song. The first solo was pretty cool. I wouldn't have put it in there but it did work fine. The second solo was a bit weird BUT I liked that you experimented with putting it on there backwards. I just didn't really think it fit. You don't have to keep everything you come up with or try out on a song anyways, over all I did like it. I just think somethings were random, at least for my tastes.

EDIT: Ok, upon listening again, I do like the first solo. I would love to see the second one played out on a violin and not so roughly. Still a bit random, but I'm liking it more as I listen to it again.
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Let me just say you have a fantastic voice, you're a great singer. Did you do the backing vocals too? It was pretty high pitched, very nice feat. Many guys would make fun of you for that but it's a sign of a quality singer.

My advice would be to invest in a better microphone or balance your stuff out better because at some points it hurt my ears when you sang and it sounded extremely static like.
I love the effects though.

It's great to see people besides myself writing their own stuff.

This song creates a very vivid image of me walking alone on the sidewalk with stars shining bright in the sky, for some odd reason. :P
Well done bud.
^^ Thank you much. Yes, I did do all the backing vocals myself, and yes, I do need to get a better microphone. I tried to balance out the levels but the actual recording was blown out and I didn't want to redo the entire vocal track, but yeah, it is painful to listen to in those parts, lol.
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but whatever you do, never, i repeat NEVER masturbate with hot sauce.
WOW the vox just came in awesome vox man. I can hear like a Robert Plant and john lennon in your voice, that is awesome, but your voice is unique, i love it. the music suits your voice just well. this is very soothing, the backing vocals are awesome too. that is very good. this is very classic sounding, love the first solo man, this is awesome, the recording quality is kinda harsh, but great music, great voice so far. the reverse thing you got going on is pretty cool too. to me it sounds liek classic rock man, and i love classic rock. yes man, it would have been flawless if it werent for the recording quality, the voice was amazing, the music was great, good job on that part. LOVED IT!!!

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i really enjoy this song all the way through, there is the occasional crackle here and there but it's still a good piece, nicely done. good vox.
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