Ok, so I'm new at this, please cut me some slack for being stupid? I have a question...

I'm looking at buying a new, hopefully 1,000 watt (for various reasons) amp. Now I have both a guitar and a bass, and was hoping to be able to plug them both up to one? And I'm on a budget of around $400-$450 at best. What should I be looking for? What are my best options...
wait...................u mean 100 watt?????? cause i'm pretty sure, that for 450 dollars......and i don't think they even make a 1,000 watt amp (that may be my own lack of knowledge there)
1000 watts.....thats some major headroom...

ok ok i assume its not tube but why do you need that many watts?

thats pretty ridiculous
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I'm looking at buying a new, hopefully 1,000 watt (for various reasons) amp.

That alone leads me to believe you are either the world's biggest dumbass, or that this is a joke.

I'm really not sure which one.
wow, that is really kinda sad... being new to the site and forums doesnt give you an excuse to be absolutely retarded!
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dude for 450 ur prob gonna at best get a 40 to 70 watt amp. and i dont think it would be a good idea to plug in ur bass into a guitar amp. ull prob have to get seperate amps for ur bass and guitar. for the reason that the bass tones are to low for a guiar amp and wiol ruin it. and ur guitar will sound to low through a bass amp.
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