Im looking for a good cheap recording thing (Im kinda new to thi stuff) im looking for somthing that can record gutiars, bass, vocals and drums. Has anybody got a good idea for what i should get? my budget is £500 but i dont mind if it goes over a little.

get a tascam dp-01fx or the new one that can burn cds. its a pretty sweet little device. definatly get some good mics too
boss br-900cd is what i use, over 200 studio effects and its got optional battery use, so u can take it and record anywhere! the only down side is that there is only one guitar input and one mic input, but its perfect for me as i o a lot of solo recording. u wont be able to record a whole band with this thing, but for solo work its perfect. plus it rips it straight to cd for u within the machine, theres no need for a pc/laptop at any stage.
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it depends, if you want studio quality or just record to see what you sound like, im from america so i dont really no how much you have, we used a tascam just to hear what we sounded like now we have a full blown studio in my basement
try th e BR-900cd, if you can afford it get the BR-1200cd and if you win the lottery then get the BR-1600cd. There all great portable recorders with cd rw drives