just a question is it suppose to be 3 seconds? but i did like how that three seconds sounded, even though im not into industrial...
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
haha its not uploaded properly im sorry. please check it now. its working. thanks
well let me just tell you this i dont like industrial metal but i will give it a listen.

well, the intro does get your head banging a bit, so its alright there, the chugs sounds sweet though and your tone is is pretty cool. as for uniqueness, i dont think it is very original, but then again its not like a complete rip off, what is that that comes in is that a synthesizer, key board or something sounds pretty cool, soudns pretty eerie, should have put thunder in that part, these effects are pretty sweet man, is this a guitar solo? sounds pretty cool, dont know if i like that delay effect, maybe you should have put reverb, you played with the panning to, thats always an added affect to the atmosphere, now i here the industrial stuff coming out. what is that thing that sounds like vocals, sounds pretty crazy. yea man this is pretty good for that kind of genre, im just not into industrial, but for that genre i think it would fit it well, and would have alot of fans as well, so good job on that part. nicely done. the quality of the recording was ace! nothing really wrong with it.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
the not original comment, of which i agree, what would you say it most reminds you of then? thanks alot for the input
well its not that it reminds me of anything, I dont listen to industrial, it just sounds like the riffs are a bit generic, thats all, but there is nothing really wrong with that, at least to me, it sounds good nonetheless.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Thanks for the crit. I really like how it starts off, with the background effects, a nice riff, and some heavy drums. I've never really listened to industrial, but I like your sound. You have a good heavy guitar tone. Just when I think it is getting repetitive, it switches things up, so thats good. I agree that the riffs are a little generic though, but the song still holds my attention. Cool middle section after the three minute mark, sort of reminds me of a Zeppelin thing like Whole Lotta Love. Overall, even though its not really my style of music, I liked it, good guitar playing, good tone, and a lot of different parts that flow well together.
Hey bro im sorry for the late crit. thanks for crit mine.. UG wasnt working for me it said the forums were down.

Anyways to your song. I really like the intro riff. The riff is a lil generic. i agree with that. hmmm the synths in the background are pretty cool. The part from 0:43 kinda sounds different to me. like that riff which u played twice with silence in the background. it didnt fit for me. However the playing is pretty clean and this is produced very well. The riff is getting kinda repetitive tho. Same thing over and over again. the eerieness at 2:09 sinks in very well. i love that part. i like how the guitar stops later and the effect lasts.
ahh now the real thing has started.. the solo is cool. however for me it didnt click. the rythm stopping and then the way that solo started kinda gave me a disjointed feeling. maybe put the rythem in as soon as the first-2-3 notes of the solo start and add some drums in it? might give it more energy? But i dunno. since i havent heard much industrial music before. so im not sure if this is how its supposed to sound. im a n00b at this.

Dude to some it up. ur onto something here. This was very nicely produced and i could tell that a lot of work went into it. the only thing that got to me were the things i pointed out. diversify it a bit and get soom vocals on it and i tell u this will be very promising.
...i hate shakus-spear ....
I like the tone of your guitar, its very ballsy.. the drums seemed quiet, especially because this is a beat-oriented song and genre.. however the guitar riff is too simple and predictable to be the main attraction for the length of time it is the main thing... the synths are good, but I would have a synth playing some sort of lead, like some type of acid sound with a cool lead melody because the guitar really does need help to be more interesting