i live in abu dhabi... blah blah!

the only wah i can find is the dunlop gcb-95 ( didn't bother trying... came to UG quickly :p )

should i wait for the weeping demon then try both?

or is the dunlop significantly better (or worse)?

i'm looking to play satch stuff and some heavier metal and hard-rock

(i'll see what i can find in Dubai...)
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teh dunlop one can sound pretty sweet if you do a couple cheep and simple mods....im not sure of the link but ill look
Woooo! i used to live in Dubai, moved away 2 years ago. I have the crybaby and love it, more personal taste really, the other guitarist in my band uses a weeping demon and he loves it. At the end of the day, i think it all just comes down to what you want. The Dunlop is more harsh, and the demon is smoother and can be adjusted a lot more and has an auto on/off function.
hey, im the guy thesumoftwo was talking bout. the weeping demon is just amazing, its got 2 separate modes: one operated by a footswitch, the other like a crybaby is an autoswitch. the reason i love it is cos its so damn durable, its built like a tank and you can refine the sound to exactly what u want without the need to mod it and possibly totally screw it up. another sweet feature is the bass wah switch, so basically uv got 4 pedals in one. in case u havent guessed i love it lol
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