ok so i'm looking at getting a new guitar with a general V shape. i can't seem to find one without a floyd rose. i play lots of metal so good pickups are necessary.

idk what my budget is really...preferably around 500 or 600. but i'll work higher if i need to.

i really like the rhoads shape the most, but most rhoads have locking trems, and i just dont want to deal with the hassle of a locking trem. the only guitar i've seen without is the DAVE MUSTAINE LTD DV200 but does anyone know if its any good? and what about the upper neck access? dave mustaine dv200(on bottom)

any other suggestions???
Check out the RR5. Rhoads shape, with no trem. Amazing guitar.
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take a look at the jackson RR5.


comes fitted with seymour duncans and has a string through bridge - no floyd rose.

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IMO, i think you should get a non-artist guitar. that way, it's your guitar, not theirs
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dude, that's just retarded ^

there's a difference between buying a sig when wanted to be the person, or just happening to like the specs of the guitar that is their sig

id have a sig guitar if it was the instrument I wanted
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i have the RR5 as my main guitar and it is amazing. plays so smoothly, its not even funny
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the jackson rr5 is over twice his wanted price range you know
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The Epi Korina is AWESOME.

I'd avoid the DV-200, but the DV8-R is badass too. Good pickups, good wood, good feel, great access. And it's like $200 cheaper than an RR5.