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Burstbucker 1 (in neck) & Burstbucker 2 (in bridge)
5 18%
Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro (Slash's PUP choice)
11 39%
Burstbucker Pro's
4 14%
8 29%
Voters: 28.
I am going to get an Epiphone Standard Les Paul or a Plain Top (going to go play them and see what I like better) but I was wondering what pickups I should put in my Epiphone to get the best tone from an Epi. My three choices that I have thought of are in the poll, if you put other let me know the model and why. Also I want to use it as a split guitar to counter my AmSe Strats tone by using the Strat on more alternative or delayed songs and the Epi on the more powerful rhythm parts or for the thick sound. Check out the website below to see the tone I'm going for.

Sanctus Real (listen to I'm Not Alright, Don't Give Up, and some of Fly to see what tone I'm going after...the LP tone doesn't come in on "Don't Give Up" until about 40 seconds into the song)
if your trying to get good heavy distortion, go with an emg 81 in the bridge and a emg 85 in the neck. thats what i rock on my les paul.
Try the duncan full shred. But out of yours the burstbucker
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I don't really want a heavy metal sound just for your guys' info I want it to be a think crunchy distortion that nice LP sound, listewn to Sanctus and you'll know what soudn I mean
would burstbucker 2 (in neck) and burstbucker 3 (bridge) be a good option or stick with the 1's and 2's
Bill Lawrence L500's. XL bridge, C neck.
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I don't know if the Bill Lawrence XL's would be almost too hot for my style, I'm not much into heavy or death metal
The L500's are a very versatile pickup, the xl is hot but if you roll the volume on your guitar off a little they can produce very good classic rock tones too.

You didn't say much about what music style you like to play, if you're way into classic rock like Zep, Cream, or Sabbath the 500 will be a little hot.

What is your price range? Bareknuckle Warpig or Black dog would be great for classic to modern rock. Miracle man for hard rock to metal.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
write a review of both les pauls when after you try them out please. those are the two guitars im considering
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