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Transparent blue quilt
13 30%
Vintage Sunburst quilt
11 26%
Wine Red quilt
19 44%
Voters: 43.
Im leaning towards wine red with black bridge and tuners and black pickup rings with EMGs, it would kinda have an EC1000 look. The blue wouldnt look right with blackout hardware it needs gold. Vintage is nice chrome imo and I like the way the amber goes up the upper bout and down into the horn.
none of them, save up and buy a gibson. unless this is like, your first guitar or something
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I'm surprised it's not a Ibanez of some sort.

I suggest the blue, it's looks like the best.
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The middle one. But get some Grover tuners, and Dimarzio pickups...and strap locks fer shizzle.

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I hear they ship with chrome grovers not the cheezy klusons

No, Grovers are some of the best on the market. I have them on my LP and the only time I need to tune my guitar is going from D to E...and that's it. They hold tune so well..

Edit, plus it makes the guitar look better. Not so much a toy as it does with the rip off Klusons.

Gibson Explorer
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B-52 AT-100 Half stack.

Wine Red Quilt. Definately.
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The blue would look nice if the fretboard was ebony. I just think the brown looks crappy next to the blue

The wine red one is the one I would take

the burst also doesn't have enough burst if you get what I'm saying