i like the acoustic tone, your voice is pretty cool to, nothing wrong with it, sounds for nice, and unique. I can tell that you dont seem afraid to let your voice out, you put your emotion behind it and that is always a plus, great job on that. Your voice suits the music wonderfully, i like how it slow downed or quiet downs a little bit, that was a cool part. the mix was good, the quality was good, nothing really wrong with this song, it would definately be on my MP3 player! great song.

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Really good solid song. Awesome use of dynamics to keep the song interesting. I think your voice sounds very good for the most part - a few spots where it wasn't great - but most of the time it was really good. This might sound a little random, or maybe its because I've been listening to a lot of zeppelin lately, but I think a mandolin would fit in really well with the song. If you don't have a mandolin handy, maybe a second guitar playing some notes way up on the neck.

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A great example of the genre really I think your voice suits the song really well but the only thing is that I really feel it needs some sort of second instrument for certain parts just to add more suspense to the drops and stuff, but its still very good as it is

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"The Pick of Destiny"