this is making me very mad me and my friends have had a band for 2 years and we STILL DONT HAVE A NAME!.....can anyone please put my mind at ease?....and pleeese try to be serious! thanx _X_
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It would be nice to know your genre? What instruments? What kind of songs do you play, slow ballads, trippy 10 minutes operas?
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First, what type o' music?

1- The Toyz
2-Hit and Run
3- NoNames!!!


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Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg

This is your best bet out of all the names so far.
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It sort of... rings?
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a foreign word would sound nice. think of something in french or portuguese. look it up in a translator if you dont know certain languages
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If you've had a band for 2 years and you still have no name for it, and you have to come to complete stangers who have never heard of you and give them no information at all about the band itself and tell them to give you name ideas because you yourself are incapable of thinking of one, chances are: you shouldn't be in a band.
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