the rhythm section of jimi hendrix is coming out with an album. i heard its goin to have some hendrixs songs with some special guest guitarist. It also goin to have some of there own material. My reason for this thread is for wat you think about it. Im havin mix feelings baout gettin it or not so i wanna hear what other people think abouit
I really liked the Jimi Hendrix-Buddy Miles-Billy Cox "era" Experience, dubbed Band of Gypsys.

While by no means an outstanding player, especially in comparison to previous Experience member Mitch Mitchell, Buddy Miles is still capable of producing some nice beats and he has, in my opinion, a very soulful voice.

Billy Cox is a decent bassist - much better than Noel Redding, whose place was often taken in studio takes by Jimi Hendrix, because he was more capable of place bass than Redding was.

I believe that these two would be able to release a decently good album - nothing that would rank among all-time greatest albums, but atleast something decent.

It'd be interesting to see the names of the special guest guitarist(s). I wouldn't be surprised if names such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Larry Lee, and even Billy Gibbons showed up on this album.
my guess is 50% of Eric Clapton's crossroads guitar festival will make some kind of appearance
If Jeff Beck is on it, I will strongly consider it.

Maybe Santana? That would be interesting I guess. I know Clapton will make an appearance, probably. An interesting choice would be if Fruschiante appeared, he seems Hendrix-influenced and he's a big name. Satch is really influenced by Hendrix, hope he makes it.

But most exciting would be Derek Trucks (for me) I just doubt he's on there.
Those names would definetly be interesting, psychodelia.

Clapton will make an appearance almost undoubtedly, because he and Hendrix were close as musicians; thus the Derek and the Dominos interpretation of Little Wing being placed on Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, which was made shortly before Hendrix's death, and in the wake of his death (which took place during the Derek and the Dominos sessions), resulted in a hard time for the band because Eric was in complete remorse.

I'm going to stick with my word, though, and say that Billy Gibbons, Jimi's favorite guitarist, will be on the album.
Buddy Miles is just a large vegetable now, he weighs something ridiculous like 24 stone or something like that.

If John Mayer appears anywhere on the album then i'm not going anywhere near it.
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