FINGER TAPPING - "Spiral Galaxy"

its longer but I recorded it for a contest and didnt want it to be too long for others to learn

its played at 170 bpm







Assuming that you were actually playing that on the recording(although I think it sounds too digital for you to have done so), good job for playing that very fast and smooth.

If it was just a program, or something, then no props whatsoever because this sounds absolutely awful, and I listen to plenty of shred. Ugh. No melody at all.
that....was....ok...but i mean is there some sort of melody or what?
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^^ Gotta admit, it sound's kinda spacy. Like the name suggests. It would be a good intro or something.
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Obviously Im playing it, its not perfect but Id like to see someone else try, its more difficult than it appears. Its not supposed to be melodic, trust me Ive posted a sweet tapping thing before, this is just technical.

Your fretting hand holds the 7th fret and taps 8--9--10--9--8--9--10--9....
while your other hand taps 12--13--14--15--14--13--12--13--14--15--14... eventually going into variations. the two patterns sort of loop and stuff, i dont know what the name is but it sounds cool. it is based on the chromatic scale and it just sounds trippy to me, hence the name "spiral galaxy"