i started writing this song cause i have some guitar that sounds really good and i got kinda stuck on the lyrics, crit for crit and any advice on where to go with these and maybe a title

sometimes i need to learn to bite the bullet
your a hopeless case and i should have knew it
your broken past repair, tore yourself apart
you dont even see, theres notihng in your heart

i painted you a sunset, a picturesque scene
but you wore a shield, guarding your heart from me
and any pain you would feel.

i was never enough to satisfy you
but now i know what i have to do
so here is this bullet, take it
aim that barrel and pull it
severe the remaining ties from me

you were a lost cause before this started
i picked you up broken hearted
and tried to mend what i could
but you never learned to trust me
oh why cant you see ?
yeah me too, great job on it, i dont like the title too much but try taking words from that last stanza and youll find more title options.

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