I've been listening to a lot of Yes lately (Yes, The Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge, Yessongs, Going for the One, The Ladder, Magnification), and I am really into it. However, I'm having trouble interpreting what the lyrics mean. The first album (Yes) is somewhat more direct, but the other albums are very stream-of-consciousness and difficult to understand. I was led to Yes through Rush, whose lyrics are much more direct (but equally as interesting).

Anybody have some input on this?
This subject has been brought up many times about Jon Anderson's lyrics, and if they really mean anything. I've stated this before and TheHeartbreak is a witness that Jon writes lyrics the way HE wants, not the way WE want.
Yeah, it's definetly a cool idea to see what other people think Anderson's lyrics are about, but as distilledspirit says, he writes what he wants to write about - just because we "interpret" them doesn't mean that they're even close to being about what he intended them too.

That's what you come across with a lot of lyrics, poems, and even paintings - interpretations aren't always accurate.

However, I think that this would be a cool thread idea, even though, as I've already stated, we have a thread very similar to this, that, rather than focusing mainly on Yes, focuses on Classic Rock songs in general.
Yeah, I've always pondered what some lyrics of his really meant like in "And You and I", there's a line "I listened hard but could not see." I don't know if there's any definite meaning of it but it's a good line in my eyes(and ears).