hey, ive been playing guitar for a while, but i want to start soloing fast.
i can do alternative picking fast allready, but my left hand (im right handed) is too slow for my right
do u guys have any excersizes to build up speed with that hand?
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Yes. There is this thing called the gripmaster. it is about 10 dollars. It will build strength in your hand. Once your fingers are pretty strong , you will notice a difference in your speed. strength is all you need to play fast since your picking is fast. ANother way to get speed is to practice what you are trying to play slow until you get it with no mistakes, then speed it up about 3 bpm. continue to increase bpm until you have it down pat to the speed you want to play.
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im very sure people dont start out like this. but.

in my 2nd week of playing ( currently 1st month of playing ) I learned how to play the song BYOB ( just the first minute though, was a little straining )

and after i learned that ( TOOK A WHILE THOUGH ) , when i tryed to play songs like Sad But True - Metallica, or Am I EVIL? - Metallica, they seemed way easy.

well this is not the answer people are gonna give you most likely but this is the way I learned how to get faster.
I think you should break the songs that you cant learn into different exercises. then start slow and start going faster as your fingers get used to it.Metronome
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The Gripmaster is also an effective way to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There are several excercises posted that can help you build up speed.
Trilling exercises and chromatic exercises using only hammer ons and pulls exept for the first note made my left hand faster. Practice slowly and without tension and slowly build up.
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