ok, who's the wiring wizard here? i've got 2 h-buckers fixed for series. here's the setup:

mini on/off toggle for each pickup (each mini-toggle has 6 poles)
| : : : |

1 volume

1 tone

1 output jack

can someone help, please? I'll be your best friend

why does my duncan hotrail sound so thin? I've got the white and the red wires connected. supposedly this renders the pickup in series. then i've got the bare wire grounded. that leaves the black and the green wire.

i've taken everything out of the loop except for the pickup, the volume and the jack. i connect the green wire to the ground and the black wire to the volume, and i get zippo, except for a little hum when the volume is turned up. i switch the black to the ground and the green to the volume, and i get a pissy little twang and HUGE buzz when i'm not touching anything grounded on the guitar.

cause the black is hot and green is ground. the red and white get soldered and taped and pushed to the side. you gotta connect the black wire to the switch.

black = ground
green = hot
red and white = nothing
bare = shielding
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however, when i wire my 1 hotrail pickup just like they show here:


I get the output, but still MAJOR buzzing when i'm not touching the guitar (ie: strings, bridge, vol/tone pot)

I know it's not supposed to buzz that loudly. at least i don't think it's supposed to
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actually, i got the hotrail to giive the output, but it has a huge buzzing sound when i'm not touching anything grounded (ie: knobs, bridge, strings) I've got the pickup set up exactly as the duncan schematic says for a 1 h-bucker, 1-vol, 1-tone. I've also got another hmbkr in the guitar and i just switch out the hot contacts to the vol pot to switch pickups and my other one works just fine. they are both wired exactly the same. i just did this wiring setup to trouble-shoot my issues