i'm looking at having a basic setup where i plug a mic into my laptop. i realize the problem of keeping everything in time and being able to listen to my previous recordings and a metronome to do this. what's the simplest (and most cost effective) way to do this?
i dont really see a problem... how is stayin in time a problem with your setup, thats a prob. with your playing, unfortunately.
my setup doesn't allow me to hear what i've recorded. i have a metronome, but the microphone will pick it up. no one can stay perfectly in time. i need a way to hear my previous recordings, a metronome, and what i'm playing while having the micronome only pick up what i'm playing.
you need to buy some real recording software...or maybe your metronome have a headphone output?
if u get the interface u wont have the microphone jack on ur computer taken by the mic because it plugs into the comp via usb, so then u can go to http://www.metronomeonline.com/ or other metronome sites and plug in headphones and listen to the metronome there while recording through the interface this way the mic cant pick it up
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yeah, didn't think about the online metronome. i can see recording one track with a metronome, but when i go to play along with both metronome and the backing track, i would need to sync them up; would good recording software be able to do that? if so, which program would you recommend?
^ i would recomend something like the demo of fruity loops. you can set up a basic pattern to just play a snare hit on quarter notes, effectively making it a metronome. you can also import audio, such as previously recorded tracks or a backing track. since the thing is on your computer, you can just listen to it with headphones so the mic wont pick it up. i either do that or play to a backing in guitar pro, then line everything up in FL. i find that i have much higher cohesiveness in timing when i play to a drum hit like in FL than just a straight metronome click anyway, but thats probably just personal prefrence.
yeah, that makes sense. thanks. i just need to figure out what to buy in conjunction with a mic so that i can get good a good quality recording. i also need two sets of headphones or something so that i can hear both what i'm playing and the backing stuff; this is for amped things.
usually i can hear my amp over my headphones with the backing. another option is to pan everything hard to one side and have the other headphone off so you can hear the amp. those are just how i would do it, though im sure you could also figure out some way to do it with two pairs of headphones.
Just download some basic recording programs... they have drum tracks that can be kept out of the recording if needed. I use the software that came my Guitarport and have never had any problems keeping time with a drum track.

If you need to, download a guitar pro file to get the tempo. They usually all have them on there.