Though ive havent been playing guitar very long i think its time for a new amp..Right now i have a crappy 10w amp that came in a starter package.I want a new amp..Ione that had very good distortion and a good clean metal..I play mostly hardrock/metal ,and also expirmental metal(numetal,w/e you want to call it.)Ive been looking at these.





to get an idea of the sounds i want.......
Children of Bodom
Guns N Roses
Bullet for my valentine
I would not really recommend any of those amps. If you are into all high gain stuff, check out the Roland Cube series. If you are into everything else, check out the Vox Valvetronix series.
I'd personally go with the Crate XT120R. It's an 120 watt version of the amp that you have as the last link, but no effects. Stay away from the DSP amps. I played a bunch of them, and they were all really quiet, no matter how loud you turned the knobs. You get solid reverb on the XT, and much better sound quality. 329.99$, by the way.

Ending note: You don't have to get that one, but for the love of God, don't buy the Line 6.
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i just bought the spider II 112 like 2 weeks ago....i absolutely love it, but i dont play the same kind of music as you, so i wouldn't know if you'd like it