This is in the works, so it is all over the place. Crit 4 Crit.

She had a heart
It only brought her heart ache
She was so real
While everyone else is fake
They had a burning fire
She was given just a match flame
She had to much love
It only turned to hate
She knows so much
And everyone is in first grade
Wanted to speak her mind
But she was to afraid

A black
A fag
A flea

She was much too good
And never understood
She was the girl who died
Because of her empathy
Why couldn?t she just think
What they think

She was a angel
to good for this world

She could not, not care
It never seemed fair
I know some of the lines are cliche, but I do not think the subject is used to much. I will have to work on it. Thanks for the crit.