Hay, I dont know if this has been posted before, or if im posting in the right spot (hope i am)...

But, Ive always wondered... If you make it as a band, would you have to read music and write all your songs down using music notes? I mean, look at red hot chili peppers, or foo fighters, or the mars volta, do they write down everything they played, all the notes and pauses and so on after they jammed? Or do they just record their jam, and practice their songs over and over again without needing to write down notes and read them?

Im looking for a band now, but I cant read music that well, I have to sit down and figure out if thats an A# or a C... You know what I mean? And im just a little worried that if I do join a band, they are going to want me to write my stuff down or something...
Well you only have to be able to write it out so you understand it. You could use tabs or just chord things. IE "Am to C to F to chorus in D" or something.

I'm not sure if the guys in the band write it all out themselves or not. I would guess that its different for everyone.
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you don't really have to be able to read and write music...i can and find it helps a lot, but that is just me.
you can probably get away with memorizing it or writing it down in tab format. the question is though that if you have no idea what each fret/string location is, are you ready to play in a band that writes their own original material?
reading music and having even such a limited background in theory as that has helped make it easier to learn more down the road
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We almost never write out songs in standard notation, even though we all can read music in my band. If we have a specific riff, I'll write it out, but most of the time we just write out some rough chord progressions and we all find parts that fit.
Thats what I wanted to hear 'psychodelia'!! I havnt been in a band before, but ive jammed with some because I have friends in them, and ive recorded my own music (as in I made everything in them), so im no newb lol. It just came to my realisation that I cant read musical notes very well, and I was stressed out that ive been writting my stuff wrong, or that I should have went to music school in college to learn the theory of notes and such!

But thats basicly what I do, write out the main rythym and beat, and go from there and just record everything, and then later on once all the pieces have been orginsed into parts, I just work on getting them all right and real tight. But Ive never written out in standardard notation whole songs, ever!