If I were to get a full retube kit from Eurotubes, could I keep them around for a while so I can just get them out when a tube blows on my amp, or would the spare tubes deteriorate while they were waiting to be used?
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nothing would happen to the tubes just from sitting, so long as they aren't getting banged around, but that's not the problem. The reason you change all the power tubes at once is so they are all matched with eachother. Matching ensures they are tested to operate within a certain range of eachother. You then bias the amp depending on the values of those matched tubes. This doesn't apply to preamp tubes, usually the only thing you worry about is a balanced preamp tube for the driver.

If you wanted to replace one at a time like that, you should get 2 or more sets of power tubes, that are all matched with eachother. That way you bias the amp once with a complete set of tubes, and any subsequent tubes you use will be matched with the exisiting ones.
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