alright so i saw billy sheehan do this tapping number on his bass and thought it was cool how he taps harmonics. personally tapping harmonics was something i was gonna wait to learn from someone i could get hands on experience with but since no one in my area knows how to do it i was wondering if anyone here could give me the basic layout of how to tap harmonics. thanks and God bless
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play a note on lets say low e string
12th fret
lighty tap above the fret
very easy
if you dont get a harmonic... move around a little till you do
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also if u want to do tap harmonics elsewhere and not just open, you need a grasp on how harmonics work.

best place to find harmonics is half way between the fretted note and the bridge. so if u fretted teh 12 fret you'd tap the 24th fret, 5th fret about the 18th fret. so on.
Tapped harmonics work like natural harmonics, just imagine your fretting hand is like the nut, moving around on the strings, so the intervals with the harmonics change. This means the easiest for most people to hit is 12 frets above the fretted note, however as these are bass strings harmonics are fairly common both over and inbetween frets. Changing the interval produces different notes compared to other haromics. This also means that by maintaining the 12 fret (or however many you choose) interval the notes change by the same amount as the fretted notes, meaning riffs can be changed into harmonics easily by using the same intervals throughout.